Tire Marking Inspection


  • TMI 8301.I.S.W: Inspection of the sidewall segments at the location of marks at the marking workstation
  • TMI 8301.I.S.TB: Inspection of the entire sidewalls
  • TMI 8301.I.TR.A360:
  • TMI 8301.I.S.TR30 : inspection of the entire sidewalls and tread segment 2x 30 degrees
  • TMI 8301.I : inspection of the entire sidewalls and entire tread


  • Marking radius
  • Marking angle
  • Inspection of the sidewall's contamination with paint
  • Calibration objects

Operating range:

  • Tire width from 95 mm to 400 mm
  • External diameter from 500 mm to 1000 mm
  • Rim size 13" to 24"
  • System capacity: 7,000 tires per shift

Installation options:

  • Part of the marking workstation behind the uniformity testers TMI8301.I.M and TMI 8301.I.TB
  • Part of the conveyor system or the central marking system: TMI 8301.I.TB, TMI 8301.I.A30, TMI 8301.I


  • The cameras are installed in a fixed position - there are no vibrations from the cameras changing position
  • The system is enclosed to protect against external illumination
  • The robustness of the system is provided by stable calibrations
  • The camera and light enclosures prevent the resetting of the system during cleaning

    If interested, please contact the sales department.


ME-Inspection SK

Drobného 25A
84101 Bratislava

+421 2 32 555 946

Me-Inspection SK
Drobného 25A
84101 Bratislava

+421 2 32 555 946